5 AM- Daily dose of sunshine

Every morning one beam of light enters peeping through the curtains of your room directly into your eyes, asking you to greet it nicely. However, you being rigid and rebellious, will pull your duvet to cover your face and clinch it harder so as to avoid your encounter with light.

Waking up early- Suffering or missing something

This happens normally with most of us who never like welcoming those cool yet warm sunlight rays on our face and body. In fact, I wouldn’t be ashamed to say that there are barely any people who invest their life in rising early. Bed and blanket is the opium drug that doesn’t let us come out of our comfort. It hugs us tighter every morning when the alarm buzz, agitated we wake up and let the negativity spread within us. Despite that commonly found behaviour, I would not also apprise you with the fact that if you are not waking up in the morning around 5 am, you are definitely choosing to repudiate that part of your life that can bring immense joy in your heart.
Did you know that you give uninterrupted time to yourself when you wake up in time; moreover, it is the most productive hour which never lets you do things in a rush. Benefits are countless but let’s hear my story which might coax you as well to transform your personality.

My story of 5 AM routine

Only a few years ago, I encountered my first meeting with the rising sun. And even now I can recollect the ecstatic and bewitching site of that fascinating and striking daybreak. The experience was beyond words. Someone had told me that if you ever experience a sunrise you would like to relive it time and again in your life, that’s the joy of it. At that time, may be I was too young to comprehend that. So, I did not follow the routine immediately.
Slowly and gradually when I had to push myself out of the bed to get my kids ready for school or cook food at home. I used to do all my tasks half-heartedly and in all that exhaustion. The other day I realised that with all these chores, I have just forgotten to give time to myself. I have started worrying more and my life has come to a standstill. The same day I could sleep well so I woke up at 4:30, did my yoga for a while and went outside to experience the morning rays. Trust me, I had an epiphany as if god had come to tell me that in order to experience that joy all over again, I must start leaving my bed by 4:30 or 5.
And now I have time for myself, my exercise, my household chores, my kids and by the end of the day- I do not have any pessimistic feeling in my heart. Somehow, after developing this habit, I have introduced more optimism in my life and career. I talk to the universe in those early hours due to which I let my law of attraction work well for me.

5am club why? It has an apparent logic

The 5 a.m. club is the storehouse of positivity and zeal that can change your entire aura. It isn’t only with me but numerous people have experienced a shift in their energies and strengths only by making use of this precious time. Suppose if you start getting up every day by 5, and you work till 7 in the morning. These two hours are a bonus for you every day. 2*7 days a week is 14 hours, 14 *4 weeks is 64 hours. So can you imagine the time that you earn without not even spending a penny? You don’t have to deprive yourself of sleep rather channelize your sleep and wake-up pattern. Aren’t these logical answers to altering your routine?

How to cultivate the habit?

1. Switch off your gadgets 1 hour before sleeping and relax your mind with some music so that you can speculate your day.
2. Start writing a journal for planning your next day, write and plan all your assignments and meetings.
3. Write in your diary the time you would like to wake up. It’s a sure-shot trick, it works.Overtime the mind gets trained and you wake up without an alarm. Trying is no harm.
4. Write your gratitude note every night, close your eyes and take an insight into the valuable health that you are in.
5. Follow 54321 trick.

What is this 54321 trick?

When the buzzer of your mobile turns on every morning at 5 a.m. don’t think anything and just count 54321 and out of the bed, feet on the floor. This trick enables and encourages your mindset as well as bestows you the power of taking decisions or actions within seconds. This is not only the rising trick but the key to open doors when you are not able to act upon the dilemma and your mind says 54321 go.
So next morning, just say 54321 and throw everything aside to have your personal meeting with sun, fresh air, energy, and soul.
Start your day full of positivity. This mechanical life is doing more harm to you. Mental peace, so to overcome this start doing meditation, I don’t say spend hours meditating. But yes, maybe 10 mintues out of your busy morning, sit outside, close your eyes, calm yourself and let the flow of thoughts reign inside you, don’t try to stop them.The more you avoid your thoughts to travel the more they will haunt you. After some time they will automatically recede. And you will be able to meditate. Next, try doing some workouts, yoga would be the best if your health allows. The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness from the darkest corners of the body,
A substantial morning routine that you set for your inner self-health is what makes you strong, committed and passionate towards your work. It’s about getting started on the “right foot.”

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