Learn Business English Online in Ludhiana

Studying Business English allows you to excel in your work environment and provides you with an opportunity to be in the limelight.
Ms. Shavy Jain provides a course which changes your Basic English to English that can sound impressive to your clients and you can finalize deals in no time. This course takes you through sessions on the English Language which a non-native speaker cannot discover himself or herself.
The engaging topics of discussion during these sessions are as follows-
  • 1. Getting Started with Client
  • 2. Polite ways of Speaking
  • 3. Socialising With clients
  • 4. Business Growth Factors
  • 5. Success and Failures
  • 6. Negotiations
  • 7. E-mail Writing
  • 8. Current Company Status (Present Tense)
  • 9. Famous Entrepreneurs (Past Tense) 
  • 10. Goals and Aspirations (Future Tense)
  • 11. Office Procedures (Modal verbs)
  • 12. Business Pronunciation 
  • 13. Business Ethics
  • 14. Learning at your own pace
All these topics are curated in a way that they enhance your communication skills and take your confidence to another level.
This course is also available for corporates or business companies who wish to improve the language skills of their employees and add value to their organization.
Do not wait to add charm to your personality by finishing the course in Business English.