It all began on the day of 29 April. It was my birthday and we stayed in a hotel. The hotel was as big as the Eiffel Tower. After 10 minutes, my parents uttered that we would go to a famous beach. I was bouncing off the wall when I heard that we were going to the beach. After a while, we arrived at the beach and we sat there for some time. I saw my friend Tarika who is a docile person and has a heart of gold. After a while, I took out my favourite book named grandparents bag of stories which I narrated it to Tarika. Not long afterwards , my friend whispered, “Can we go into water?” I replied, “We can’t go into water”. Out of the blue, a gigantic wave came which was as cold as ice. All of a sudden, it came again and we all froze. Unexpectedly, a person witnessed that and exclaimed,” I look like peppa pig”? Instantly, he planned to fetch us out of water. An idea popped up in his mind that he would put his jug of hot coffee on us so that the layer of ice melts and we would be back to our normal self and he threw hot coffee on us and his plan worked. Whe it was all over, we returned to our hotel . We went for our buffet as were so hungry that we could eat a horse. Finally, we rested in our room and dozed off.



Once upon a time, there lived a family of four- father, mother and their two daughters, Benny and Jolly. Jolly was as naughty as Matilda and Benny was as bright as the Sun. Benny was a day dreamer and was fascinated with animals. In the twilight dim, Benny had a dream.
“Girls, I have a surprise for you!” exclaimed father.
“Wow! A surprise! Please tell us Dad” both replied excitedly.
Father replied, “We are going to Kenya for a vacation and you can enjoy safari and have a gala time too.”
“Hurray! We are so excited” screamed Benny and Jolly....
On the way to safari to Kenya, we all were thrilled to bits watching so many animals. After a while, it was evening time and it started raining cats and dogs. It was a dark and dense forest. We were left all alone stuck in the forest and could not understand how to get back to our hotel. Out of blue, Aladdin and Gennie appeared and took us back in their magical flying carpet. Fortunately, we got rescued and with God’s grace we reached back our home. While Benny was in all this hustle bustle, her mother shook her hard and she woke up from the dream. It all ended as an illusion and she was no longer in despair. At last, she had a dream which she now wants to come true one day.



It was sunny afternoon and the weather was pleasant for outdoor fun. Hanna, a girl with blue eyes and blonde curly hair, nearly ten, was looking radiant in the gleaming sun.
Hanna was as excited as a kid in the candy store because she was going to build a birdhouse in her backyard. Hanna’s home was near a park and one could easily hear lot of different birds chirping.
Hanna’s father was off to his work and would return by late evening to join her. Hanna couldn’t wait any longer so she went to a stationery shop with her mother and bought cardboard pieces. She sat in the backyard and started building her birdhouse. ...It was twilight and Hanna was still working on final details. After a while, her father joined her and they completed the birdhouse together. They both were so similar just like two peas in a pod. After a long tiring day, she went off to sleep with a beautiful smile on her face.
Out of the blue, it rained cats and dogs that night and the Hanna’s birdhouse was all shattered and crumbled.
In the morning, when Hanna woke up, she had a cold feet and to her terror her birdhouse was all crumbled. She was deeply saddened and tears rolled down her cheeks.
A moment later, her father showed her a spider in corner of the backyard who was trying hard to climb up the wall but it fell down. It tried again and again till it succeeded. Seeing this Hanna felt motivated and got back her confidence.
Her father helped her see the bright side of things and Hanna was all set to build her terrific birdhouse again.
At last, her beautiful birdhouse with vibrant colours was ready to welcome cute little birdies.