Mrs Jyoti Madan


An ardent believer of this quote, Jyoti Madan is a renowned Career Coach, Certified Advanced Life coach and Trainer. She is the founder of the educational platform Persona Discover which focuses on empowering individuals to become the better version of themselves through personalized Career counselling and life coaching sessions using psychometric tests, aptitude tests, NLP techniques and multiple intelligence tests to name a few. The unique coaching /counselling sessions together with her futuristic approach, energy and passion for her work set her apart from other career and life coaches in the area. She has guided thousands of individuals to identify the best-suited careers for them and seek admission to their dream universities both in India and abroad. 
For Jyoti, the collaboration with like-minded people like Shavy from Shavy's English hut is a boon for all the stakeholders involved. Issues like confusion in selecting the right career, stress, lack of self-belief, relationship issues, etc can easily be tackled among our teenagers by spreading awareness. Ms. Jyoti reckons, “It is an absolute delight working with Shavy as she carries the same vision as me and my company. I am readily available to counsel her students when they need guidance and resolve their career-related or personal dilemmas.”