General Questions

  • Do you provide worksheets for HW?
    Yes, certainly; however, we primarily encourage classroom participation and fun learning.Whenever you would need any worksheet for home, inform us in advance.
  • What do you cover?
    We have an activity-based curriculum of English for all modules such as reading, writing,listening, speaking and creativity. We make sure that every student enhances their creativity,improves grammar, inculcates reading habits, builds fluency and even boosts their vocabulary through our lesson plans.
  • How do you work on creative writing?
    Creative writing is the main focus of the class where we have lesson plans that motivate students to think out of the box and indulge in brainstorming. We also teach various techniques so that they frame grammatically correct sentences, refined complex sentences using polished vocabulary.
  • What about speaking skills?
    Our students have been consistently improving their speaking skills by practicing incessantly. We organize an ample number of sessions to uplift their confidence.
  • How do you work on grammar skills?
    We pick up various topics concerning grammar where we also teach them practical skills of using those grammar topics. These will also be introduced to the students in the form of a fun activity. This includes learning figurative language which even augments their knack for writing and speaking.
  • Can timings be changed?
    We have fixed time slots and we cannot change them as we have other batches too.
  • What do you do in your guest lectures?
    Guest lectures are basically to provide our children the right exposure which they may not get otherwise. Introducing them to foreign faculty or people of other cities evokes their thought process accompanied with getting them globally ready. Most importantly, the motive of getting them acquainted with foreign accents is also achieved.
  • If enrolled once, can the fees be adjusted or refunded?
    We abide by a no refund policy for no reason whatsoever. The days of absenteeism are not adjusted or refunded although if there are any other timings available for the same session, the student can take permission to attend that lecture. Also, in the case of an online class, recording for the missed class will be shared. We strictly adhere to our rules and expect others to follow them.
  • How to enrol?
    You can enrol by contacting us on our registered number- +91-9216712150 or +91-8350220878. If you are planning to enrol your child with us then remember to book an early slot with us as we keep our batches small in order to provide personal attention. For bookings, payments are accepted in advance.
  • What is the duration of the course?
    We offer monthly classes and you may continue as long as you wish to. The students will have a new lesson to learn every time.
  • How is your curriculum different to what children learn in school ?
    Yes, we aspire to make our children impressively fluent by encouraging them to learn it as a language, not as a subject. We provide technical know-how of the concepts yet make them capable to apply them in their daily use. We train them to be eloquent speakers and budding authors.
  • Your classes are much advanced to my ward's level, should I still enrol ?
    We believe in making them upstage with understanding this language closely. It may be difficult to cope up initially but once kids understand how we work you may feel a significant change in your ward. We are preparing our students to outshine and become aware of many aspects of this language.
  • Will my ward be able to complete his school homework with you ?
    We may assist your child in understanding the concept of what he/she is unable to grasp in school. Despite that, we do not welcome any complete my H.W offers.
  • How do we get to know about our child’s performance?
    You will receive the child's report sheet at the end of every month on your email or whtsapp. However, in case of any doubt, you can always drop a message at our registered number and we will contact you after that.
  • Do you offer any discounts when enrolling more than one child?
    No, no discounts or bargains are entertained here as our fee structure is quite competitive. We have a limited number of seats so they are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • How is Shavy’s English Hut different from other platforms?
    Everything over here is activity-oriented which promotes fun learning. We establish great interest in fact, love for this language so that the child is capable of improving his language skills himself. Moreover, the student receives foreign exposure by interacting with our guest lectures.