Milica Vukadin

Renewable Energy Resources

We believe in making our students global ready, so we plan and arrange a series of guest lectures where we introduce our children to foreign teachers and native speakers. With this, we bring everyone’s attention to various innovative topics, learning English through storytelling or even science projects.

Dima Sufian

Cultural Exchange with Saudi Arabia

Most importantly, such events bridge the gap that exists between native and non-native speakers. Since the students get an opportunity to communicate with speakers of foreign lands, they automatically feel more confident about their speech skills. We take pride in hosting some wonderful, thoroughly engaging workshops with several educators from Serbia, Poland, Turkey and the UK.

Debate Session between Uruguay and SEH students
We also conducted a debate session between the students of Uruguay and India students in order to enhance their speaking skills and to provide international exposure. It is truly one of its kind.

Joanna Wodzinska

Introductory Exchange

We even hosted a cultural exchange programme with schools of Saudi Arabia and Poland for the students of all batches, where our students communicated with the students of those schools. We have a vision of constantly involving our young learners in such projects in the future as well.

Lynn Clausen

Drama & Monologue

Our foreign faculty, Ms. Lynn Clausen, Specialist English & Drama Teacher joined us for an interactive and insightful workshop on Drama and Monologue for Intermediate and Advanced Batch students.

Lynn Clausen

Climate Change

Lynn Clausen joined us to encourage Creative Writing with hope about Climate Change. The activity encouraged students to investigate the impact climate change is having on the environment. Participating in this lesson helped students to:
➡️ understood the fundamental concepts of climate change
➡️ developed an awareness and understanding of the effects of climate change.
➡️ expanded their vocabulary.
➡️ Improved their writing skills by learning about the coherence and cohesion of writing.

Indo-Malaysian Fare

The Global Virtual Summit 2021

A three-day event was organized where we learnt and exchanged a lot about both the countries; India and Malaysia.
The event started on 20th Sept 2021 and ended on 22nd Sep, 2021. We had group presentations, role-plays and group speeches as a part of the event programme. The platform gave the students the opportunity to interact and perform on a global level.