Communication Program For Schools

At Shavy's English Hut, we take pride in offering our comprehensive communication English program to schools across Ludhiana, including esteemed institutions like Millennium World School. Our program has gained recognition not only within schools but also internationally for its excellence in empowering young learners with strong English communication skills.
What sets us apart?
  • ● In-School Program: We bring our top-notch communication English program directly to schools, making it convenient for students to participate without any additional travel arrangements.
  • ● Teacher Training: We go the extra mile by training teachers at partner schools to ensure that they are equipped with the best practices in teaching communication English. This approach fosters a holistic language learning environment.
  • ● Recognized Excellence: The effectiveness of our program has been recognized not just within schools but also on an international level, reflecting our commitment to delivering top-quality education.
  • ● Interactive Learning: We believe in making learning enjoyable and engaging. Our interactive teaching methods, fun activities, and role plays keep students enthusiastic about learning English.
Our program's recognition in schools and internationally is a testament to our dedication to empowering young minds with the gift of effective communication in English.