Online & Offline English Classes for Young Learners.

SEH's Revolutionary Early Learning Program! At Shavy's English Hut (SEH), our Phonication Programme is designed to give early learners a strong foundation in language and communication skills, starting from the age of 4 onwards. We understand the critical importance of early childhood education, and our unique and effective approach ensures that our students get the best start on their educational journey.
Key Features of Phonication:

Jolly Phonics & Jolly Grammar:

We incorporate renowned methodologies like Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar to make learning the English language a joyful experience. Through interactive activities, games, and presentations, we instill a love for language and phonics in our young learners.

CVC Word Blending:

Our CVC word blending activities help children master the art of blending consonants and vowels, fostering their reading and writing abilities from an early age.

Fun and Engaging:

Learning at SEH is never boring! We offer a wide range of activities, including worksheets, crafts, and games, to keep our students actively engaged in their learning journey.

Personalized Attention:

With two teachers in the classroom, we ensure that each child receives personalized attention, allowing them to flourish at their own pace.

Promoting Communication:

We believe in nurturing communication skills from the start. Our pragmatic learning approach encourages even the tiniest voices to express themselves confidently on easy conversation topics.

Role Plays & Real-Life Experiences:

Our speaking activities involve role plays and real-life experiences, enabling our nursery students to explore their imagination, develop values, and learn important life skills.

Joyful & Enriching Journey:

At SEH, we strive to make the early learning journey joyful and enriching. We create a positive and inspiring environment that ignites curiosity and sparks a lifelong love for learning. Enroll your child in SEH's Phonication Programme and give them the best head start in their educational path. Watch them blossom into confident, articulate, and imaginative young minds. Join us and witness the magic of learning unfold!

A batch that helps our 5 and 6-year-old to gain their hold over this language. Students learn vocabulary, sentence formation, grammar and phonics rules with us in the most captivating ways. In this batch, we ensure that every child remains engaged in the session, curated creatively to build their strong imagination. We transform them into confident speakers that they never feel intimidated by anyone conversing with this language. We purposely include role-plays in this class to assure that they are familiar with all the surroundings where this language is most spoken and can step forward, conversing assertively in front of others.
These young ones are also provided with fun-based, activity-orientated tasks and worksheets, so they don’t take it as a burden of homework in the otherwise competitive world. If you go and ask any of our students from this batch, all they will say is that we attend a gaming class where the learning happens automatically. As soon as they become capable of grasping a higher level of English, we shift them to a higher level batch, so their command over the language doesn’t become stagnant; instead, they progress with every lesson plan.
1st and 2nd Graders


A kick start batch for our young learners of 1st and 2nd Graders where they are offered creative classes, leading to natural learning. The teacher here grabs students’ attention with an excellent approach of conversing with them and breaking the ice with some pleasing, comfortable activities. They are always motivated by their teacher so that we raise their confidence from their initial years of learning itself. Although we completely understand their short attention span, yet we try our best that they stay with us through all the lessons of basic grammar rules, pronunciation, story writing, sentence formation, role plays, spellings, and speech and voice modulation.
We must add that we augment the enthusiasm of these blossoming buds to such an extent that they become habitual of exhibiting their newly achieved fluency and new vocabulary; hence, amazing everyone at home. We keep them thrilled to bits with awards and glorify them with in-time feedback on their work.

3rd and 4th Graders


3rd and 4th graders who are introduced to bigger words and grammar topics in school receive a proper understanding of the concepts in this class. They even learn the relevance of various grammar topics and their application in their daily life. Furthermore, emphasis is laid on strong vocabulary, public speaking, a focus on pronunciation, and creative writing so that their basics of English becomes powerful and impactful. The students are encouraged to write and use better vocabulary in their write-ups which are polished with regular homework and feedback. The highlighting feature which is followed in every batch is that parents are kept fully informed about their child’s improvement and achievements through an interactive report sheet.
5-6th Graders


A perfect platform for 5-6th graders where the students get involved in various activities that not only help them to build their confidence but also enhance their vocabulary, writing skills and reading skills. Over here, a student gets thoroughly polished for the B1 level of English language. Different techniques are followed in the class so that the child develops interest in making learning English part of their life. They are driven to participate in several activities which enhance their speaking and writing skills. That feeling of participating on their own is aroused by the teachers and also with the help of foreign exposure. They cultivate the habit of reading books too which help them to become our young blog writers. We prioritize providing feedback to each and every child so that they can bring necessary changes in them.

7th and 8th Graders


The students of 7th and 8th enrolled for this batch get keenly involved in intermediate level of grammar, solving reading tasks, learning the techniques of writing and prospering as a self assured Public Speaker. They are pushed to explore their calibre with diverse activities during the class hour, mostly supported by the teacher yet at times left independent so that they can truly experience the wonders of right-brain training. The teacher intentionally develops conscientious insight of children into the functioning of language learning process.


Owing to the persistent coaching in the preceding batches, the students registered here are capable of employing their know-how to some sort of an evaluation at this level. They are guided to get engrossed in ‘Real-Time Interactive Activities’ such as writing blogs, curating content for newspaper articles, crafting videos for international projects and testing English levels at real websites, which eventually sculpt them into grammar experts, impeccable writers and lucid speakers. We intend to generate such lesson plans that can direct them to make the best of their talent anytime in the future.