At Shavy's English Hut (SEH), we believe that learning should be a joyful experience. That's why we go beyond traditional classroom teaching and organize a wide range of exciting events to enhance the overall language development and social skills of our young learners.

Schmooze: Boost Speaking Fluency among Kids

Schmooze is our flagship event designed to enhance speaking fluency and confidence among kids. Through interactive sessions, role plays, and fun group activities, we provide a platform for students to express themselves freely and build their communication skills in a supportive environment.

Maryam Raisey

A teacher from Turkey, Maryam Raisey, delivered her talk on Presentation Skills and dazzled the teenagers here with empirical learning strategies and they were unerringly able to perform their stipulated tasks.

Public Speaking Skills

For the same, we have been inviting people not only from Ludhiana but from various other cities and countries as well. To refine the Public Speaking skills of children, we invited experts like RJ Jassi (Delhi-based Radio Jockey) and Nevin Antony (Kerala-based Motivational Speaker, Train the Trainer Coach) who motivated the students to work on their communication skills.

Writing techniques from Professional Writers

Even a journalist, Libza Mannan who specializes in writing real-life inspirational stories, passed on her tricks and techniques to our budding writers. More so, a lawyer, Himanshu Singh Dhillon was part of one of our virtual meetings so that all of us could imbibe his formal way of writing letters and filing complaints.
The other time we approached Rishab Nair (a script writer from Noida) who became part of our zoom meetings and helped our students in building their creative muscles.


At the Gamify Event, we believe that learning should be fun and engaging. Our carefully selected board games are not only entertaining but also designed to boost your language fluency. Sharpen your grammar, expand your vocabulary, and strengthen your communication abilities while having a blast!

Table Manners & Unleash English

Learning manners can be fun! In our Table Manners event, we use interactive activities to teach kids essential table manners and dining etiquette. This event not only helps them build social skills but also instills a sense of confidence and poise during social gatherings.

Fashion Show: Unleash the Star in You!

The Fashion Show event is all about celebrating creativity and self-expression. Students get to showcase their unique styles and talents on the runway, while improving their language fluency and public speaking skills. It's a wonderful opportunity for kids to boost their self-confidence and embrace their individuality.

Frosty Camelot

Frosty Camelot was a truly enchanting adventure, where participants explored the wonders of the winter season through interactive games, snowball word challenges, and frosty storytelling quests. Our students had a fantastic time learning about winter traditions, snowy landscapes, and the beauty of this chilly season. Join us at Shavy's English Hut and experience the magic of learning through our exciting events. We believe that every child is unique, and our events are carefully crafted to cater to individual interests and learning needs. Our team of experienced educators ensures that each event is not only fun but also educational, helping children grow into well-rounded individuals. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on upcoming events and activities. At SEH, we're committed to making learning an adventure filled with joy, creativity, and lifelong memories.