What Clients Say

In this hard going times when children are not going to schools and dealing with the chaos in society coz of the pandemic, I feel blessed that my children have enrolled in your classes and has grown leaps and bounds both socially and academically...
Thank you Roohi ma'am and Thank you Shavy ma'am for being their mentors....
Sanchita Jain
Hello Shavy Mam and Roohi Mam
Thank you for your efforts and time that you spend on our children. The classes are amazing and Tehzeeb is super happy. She can’t stop smiling and talking about the class. She enjoys a lot in online classes as well. I can’t express my happiness in words. Please keep up this amazing work and spread smiles on our children’s faces. Thank you very much.
By Gurpreet Kaur
An amazing teacher! I have been associated with Shavy's English Hut for the last three years and I am really grateful that she is my teacher! I always enjoy her innovative ways of teaching and its only because of her that my affinity for the language has grown by leaps and bounds.Her patience and unceasing emboldening always brightens me up.She is truly an inspiration for all the teachers.
Neha Sharma Mehta
Nothing but sheer dedication of this single female has led not only her students but also their respective parents to learn something above the ordinary. Me being alive witness to the change that she is bringing about in her little city like a trailblazer, is enough for me to bet the best of all that I have that this institute stands unparalleled in its approach as well as in its results.
By Upma Jain
Schools are institutions to provide enough knowledge to children to help them achieve their dreams. But in today’s world of cut-throat competition, everyone wants their child to be a step ahead. Shavy’s English classes is a right step in this direction. My child has very well learnt the appropriate use of grammar, added many new words to her vocabulary and has significantly improved her writing skills. I am very thankful to Shavy mam for the same!
By Navdeep Kaur
Undoubtedly , the best English class of the town ! It’s been 2 months since my daughter joined the class and I can see a radical change in her. She has now learnt to use flowery language in her creative writing .. all thanks to the explicit teaching skills of Mrs Shavy Jain. Her classes are not like usual boring grammar classes.. she makes sure to indulge each and every child in one or the other innovative and interesting activities, making learning easier and effective. Not only do they learn new vocabulary words but also they learn the ways in which those words could be used .My daughter looks forward to her class eagerly. Hats off to such a dedicated teacher. Thank you sooo much dear..!
By Charu Jain
The most important challenge that a teacher faces today is balancing the different learning needs of a student ,making teaching and learning an enjoyable process, and meeting the expectations of school and parents. .And no one does it better than Shavy. Personal attention , customized classes to fit into the student's curriculum all make her students shine n stand apart.. Best wishes Shavy.. Keep up the good work!
By Harjinder Kohli
A master is the one who makes the subject a way of life for his/her student. That's what Mrs. Shavy Jain does at this exquisite place called Shavy's English Hut. She makes the subject so lucid with daily life illustrations. The lessons taught by her are imbibed in my memory. Apart from the subject, there is so much to learn from her. To substantiate, her qualities of passion, vigour and to motivate her students are par excellence. Thank you mam. I owe so much to you.
By Radhika Likhi
I am extremely grateful to you Shavy Mam for organizing such informative sessions for us. I enjoyed the sessions thoroughly. I was spellbound after interacting with Charles Whitmore Sir. You are our guiding light for not just mentoring us but also putting us in a situation to make use of each word topic into practice. Thank you for providing us with a platform where we can interact with such renowned personalities.
By Gursidak Singh
It was really a motivational and insightful session by RJ Jassi mam. I am highly indebted to you for arranging such an inspirational talk as she shared her own life experiences. I really like the example of plum, berry and blossom. I can also relate to my mom’s word, then the preparation, practicing in front of the mirror, understanding your own style. I even loved the concept of brainstorming which we tried in the activity. The exposure you have given is commendable.
By Ishrat Kaur