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Shavy's English Hut was established in April 2016 with the motive of fostering learning English as a language rather than learning it as a subject, basically discouraging rote-learning. Therefore, this institute stands on the model of Activity-Based classroom learning, where the sole objective of the classes is promoting holistic learning that involves the meticulous process of creating out-of-the-box lesson plans for our young enthusiasts. We firmly stick to the “spiral curriculum” of learning a language; thus, the monthly programmes here include reading, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary enhancement as well as creative writing.
We offer our services to almost all age groups, starting from 6 years old to 16 years old (1st to 12th graders) and immaculately deliver monthly theme-based sessions, targeting them according to their levels.

Shavy’s English Hut commenced in a small classroom with just a few students and one teacher; however, now it has expanded by leaps and bounds, catering to a huge number of students; along with a bigger team of diligent teachers who work ceaselessly to develop enthralling lesson plans for our young buds. Presently, the sessions from Shavy's English Hut are functioning proficiently on Online platforms as well.

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