It was a bright winter morning and surprisingly the Sun was peeping from behind the clouds. Suddenly, I remembered that dad had promised me he would take me and my best friend Rimon for cycling on beach. This trip was planned for my birthday which falls on 11th may but could not be fulfilled due to the lockdown. I wanted to be as smart as a whip and follow Freddy from my favourite book “The King of Show and Tell’. We all set off in our Fortuner towards the beach. The water was as blue as sky. The waves were singing beautifully and the trees were dancing in the wind. Soon the Sun got scorching hot. We felt parched and sweaty. We took off our Badshah jackets and jeans and changed into our swimming costumes. Dad went to buy Oreo Shake and snacks for all of us. It stuck to me that Isha mam had asked us to get something unusual for the class.Rimon and I went to search in opposite directions. Suddenly there came a big herd of giraffes sprinting towards me. I was terrified and screamed,”Dadi save me!” Rimon lost his way in the chaos and hid inside a café which smelt like ghee filled bittergourd.I saw a team of black cat commandos and requested them to save me.They threw a net on the giraffes and captured them. I thanked them for helping and gave me a Shin-Chan toy. We all hurried back home after this strange encounter with giraffes



The story began on 5 may when a girl named Saanvi was born who was as soft as rabbit. At the age of 5 years, she joined primary school. In her summer vacations, her family decided to go to Jim Corbett park, Saanvi was amazed her smile curve gets broader. After two days, they shifted to Nanital , where we stayed in British cottage. Saanvi was on cloud nine. There were so many mystery rooms in that cottage. In evening, everyone decided to take a walk on mall road but Saanvi and her cousins decided to stay back and explore the cottage. All of sudden, the light went off, they screamed and started sprinting out of the cottage. They got stuck in the middle of the cottage, where they found sparkling light coming out of the treasure box. They were thrilled to bites after finding hidden treasure. Their parents came and handover the treasure box to the hotel manager who thanked them deeply. Eventually, her trip to Nanital was delighted one and they had a gala time there.



It all began on 8th April , on a sunny day . Amaira was walking down the meadow , where she saw her best friend Kynat . Amaira met Kynat , and in no time they both dashed to Amaira’s house , and went to her room. While i got myself engrossed in sketching , my friend Kynat decided to read a book , which she found under my desk . She found the book curious and interesting , so started reading it .While reading, Kynat yelled , ‘’Amaira! this is a fantastic book.” Amaira smiled and exclaimed, ‘’Glad to hear that’’. After a few hours ,it was evening. Kynat and Amaira scurried out . Amaira went to drop Kynat at her place .
While walking ,they saw an old castle . It was looking magnificent .They both kept staring at the castle for a few minutes . It was super hard to take their eyes off the castle . They found two bicycles lying near the castle . They were dusty . They both started feeling famished . Luckily Amaira’s mom had packed a snack . But ,it was a bell pepper sandwich ! Both the girls hated bell pepper . So they yelled ,’’Yuck ! Ewww !’’ But they had no choice , they had to eat it . After gobbling the bell pepper sandwich , they both went inside the castle .... The two girls met a ladybug , and it was very cute . Something weird was troubling both the girls . They did not know how this castle magically appeared today, because it was not there yesterday or any ordinary day . Kynat and Amaira felt fatigued , so they both went outside the castle and fetched the bicycles , and started to ride them . Both girls wanted to explore the castle properly , so they both went inside the castle again , climbed the stairs and scurried to different rooms .
Out of the blue, Amaira fell down , and yelled ‘’ Ouch !’’. Kynat heard Amaira’s voice and curiously came to check upon her and whispered ‘’ Are you fine ?’’. Amaira replied ‘’ Yes’’. After a moment, both the girls saw a glass of Iced Tea lying on the table. Both the girls did not drink it , they thought it could be a trap .
Suddenly, there was a nasty smell like rotten eggs or even worse a fart . Just then in front of them appeared a spider , a Tarantula , a very scary and terrible one . That Tarantula had a nasty gross smell. Both the girls were petrified . After a minute , out popped Mrs. Shavy Jain and Chayra . And they both were wearing a ravishing legging and an exquisite T shirt . When they saw both the girls Amaira and Kynat petrified ,Mrs. Shavy and Chayra started to chuckle . Amaira and Kynat trembled and questioned , ‘’What is so funny here ? This is a tarantula , It can bite us and it is very wicked .’’
Mrs. Shavy Jain and Chayra told both the girls that this is not a real real spider , it is a prop. There is going to be a movie shoot here . And you two thought it was actually real . Amaira and Kynat started to laugh and exclaimed ‘’It looks so real !’’. After the funny situation, both the girls, tired to the core, reached back home . When Amaira reached her house, she hugged her mother , hastened to her room and started playing with slime , and laughed a lot remembering the incident that had happened with her .



It all began on a frosty midnight, I was shivering to bits because of the icy weather. Hence, I decided to visit the dark and the gloomy forest. As soon as, I entered the forest it started raining cats and dog, and I was astounded to see ice-tea in the form of rain. Moreover, I was scared to death. Out of blue, I felt like my house was calling my name. Unexpectedly, my best friend came, I gave a sigh of relief.
She offered me an umbrella so that, we weren’t wet. Soon, we realised we were lost in the massive forest. All of a sudden, my best friend and I were surrounded by numerous ghosts and skeletons. “Oh ma! Save me! “ we shouted as loud as a lion’s roar.
The wicked ghost and skeletons laughed hysterically and exclaimed “ Happy Birthday! “ I was startled and quickly understood Masha, Mittali and all my adorable friends pranked me on my birthday. Finally, all of us returned back home cheerfully and peacefully.



It all began on the day of 29 April. It was my birthday and we stayed in a hotel. The hotel was as big as the Eiffel Tower. After 10 minutes, my parents uttered that we would go to a famous beach. I was bouncing off the wall when I heard that we were going to the beach. After a while, we arrived at the beach and we sat there for some time. I saw my friend Tarika who is a docile person and has a heart of gold. After a while, I took out my favourite book named grandparents bag of stories which I narrated it to Tarika. Not long afterwards , my friend whispered, “Can we go into water?” I replied, “We can’t go into water”. Out of the blue, a gigantic wave came which was as cold as ice. All of a sudden, it came again and we all froze. Unexpectedly, a person witnessed that and exclaimed,” I look like peppa pig”? Instantly, he planned to fetch us out of water. An idea popped up in his mind that he would put his jug of hot coffee on us so that the layer of ice melts and we would be back to our normal self and he threw hot coffee on us and his plan worked. Whe it was all over, we returned to our hotel . We went for our buffet as were so hungry that we could eat a horse. Finally, we rested in our room and dozed off.



My family and I travelled to Goa for the summer vacation. We booked the flights direct to Goa from Ludhiana. There we stayed at our farm house near the beach. Our farm house is immensely grandeur. There we have also kept dogs and horses. In the evening we decided to proceed towards the sandy and crowded beach. All of a sudden moment the waves came and took me to an unkown island. There I was surrounded by the wolves. I dashed faster and faster as I could. When I saw around there was a small town named Dholkpur. The people were immensely cooperative. I almost forgot that I had a phone but the battery was dead. They also charged my phone and provided mr food. I was rescued by a rescue team. They helped me to find my parents. They were worried about me , they got surprised to see me in the blue. The police was also finding for e so I thanked them. We enjoyed the trip to Goa.