It all began on 19th November when was Reha’s birthday and when she woke up. “Wow” she got a surprise ! There was a marvellous girl named Reha. She was as pretty as Cinderella and her eyes sparkled like stars. She had average height and long hair. It was a sunny day, the sun was gleaming in the sky like a diamond. She dwelled in a forest which had numerous trees and they were reaching the clouds. She tiptoed towards the lake which was deeper in the forest. After a few minutes, she got to know that she was lost in the forest. She dashed in the forest ;however, could not locate her house. She sat on a massive stone and was sobbing. After an hour, she walked and saw a man. She yelled,”OMG,” as the man was gulping Khichdi because she was not fond of consuming Khichdi. She exclaimed, “ Awful,” she rapidly ran without seeing him. Finally, when she turned around, she saw her sweet home. She was on cloud nine. It was surely a captivating day for her in her life.



It all started on the day of 5 March, 2011. Reha, Ash and I were in a cruise invited by Mr Sharma who was a very generous man. Reha, Ash and I were playing in my room. Ash and I were playing with robots while Reha was chatting on her phone. Meanwhile, the captain requested the members working on the ship to catch an alligator and make him sleep by giving an injection.
Two days later, Ash and Reha were playing hide and seek on the ship. 20 minutes later, alligator woke up and started biting the net. Reha and Ash were frightened and shouted “Oh God!!!” They both came running to my room but I was at a restaurant with my mom eating pizza. Reha told Ash, “You go and inform your parents and I will go and deliver information to the captain.” I met Reha on her way to inform the captain where she narrated the whole incident to me. Although I took it as a prank, yet started walking towards my room. On the turn, I noticed the alligator sitting outside my room. I dashed back to Reha. By the time, Ash was also with his parents and I exclaimed “There really is an alligator.”
Later, the captain observed a big wave coming at the other side, captain rapidly picked up the alligator and threw him in the wav. We all cheered the captain for his bravery. He was bitten by the alligator, so Ash called the doctor. Thereafter, the captain was much energised and was feeling better. When it was all over, I felt so hungry that I could eat a horse. Finally, I took Reha and Ash for treating them with appetizers. Thereafter, we enjoyed our trip of 15 days.



It was a bleak midwinter’s day, Monasa a girl who was as gorgeous as a Barbie. She had quite long goldenish hair. She was as white as snow. She used to wear to round spectacles, her eyes sparkled like diamonds, and her eyelashes were as long as a leaf. Monasa had a green thumb, she adored to plant plethora of flowers. She was as bold as a lion, yet she had a phobia of ghosts. Monasa was an extrovert as well as snazzy girl.
Since she had been living near a cremation ground, she always had fear in her mind. The ground was quite huge similar to the sea. It consisted of numerous burials in it; they were covered with leaves of an ancient tree. As it was winter season, she was playing snow fights with her friends during day hours. All of a sudden, she woke up at 3:16am in the midnight; she heard wind howling and some bizarre sounds from the ground. Immediately, she ran towards her parent’s room and informed them about the incident. In order to get her out from the fear, her parents made her calm and took her to the balcony and prove that there was nothing except burials. Next day, she had dark circles due to sleepless and dreadful night; she packed her bag, hurriedly ate breakfast and set off for the school. She thought, “I should apprise Croma (her friend) that what had happened” and she did the same.... Croma got an idea to prank her; he took assistance from other buddies of Monasa. They went there on the same night, they were fortunate enough as it was a windy night naturally. They had downloaded the recordings of dogs barking as well as wolves howling. She again woke up and went to the balcony and spotted either a person or something strange that was Mack (Monasa’s friend). She fainted, all her friends ran towards her house. They contacted her mother and gasped “aunt! Monasa has fainted in the balcony” her friends yelled “Oh! Are you serious what happened to her?” Her mother exclaimed, “I will tell you afterwards, first let’s go upstairs and wake her up”. “Monasa dear wake up” her mom moaned. “It was just a prank Monasa please wake up” Croma explained. “Croma! You tried pranking on me, hehe…I am not a kid” Monasa grumbled. “Oh my lord! Monasa you made me tensed” her mom screamed. “That was such a silly prank, you are really a prankster “Croma replied. “ Never try to underestimate my powers okay!” They all begin to laugh and lived gleefully. Moral: Never try to play with someone’s emotions