It was a cold rainy night on the 1st of September, raindrops were pitter-pattering on the muddy roof of the house of Raleigh Chanlose. There wasn't a single soul, a single friend, a single neighborhood for miles around the blood curdling forest around which he was centred but except for his child he didn't require . Seated in his wheelchair, he was drinking a cup of hot coffee which emmited the peculiar stench of the Raflesia He was looking at the distant Eiffell tower and was praising its merits.Out of the blue he heard the sudden shatter of glass in the room in which his child was in the world of dreams.He attempted to push the wheels of his wheelchair as swiftly as he could down the hallway. However it was way past time as his child Gaurav had already vanished and was long gone.He rummaged through the entire room hopelessly, wishing to believe the fact that his child had played a grieving prank on him. Finally,xhe gave up, "My dear son,I'll find you and torment the man who kidnapped you" he yelled.... Suddenly, he saw parchment placed on the table, the letters on it read ‘YOUR SON HAS BEEN ABDUCTED AND IN ORDER TO RETRIEVE HIM YOU MUST GIVE UP YOUR LIFE OR DIE IN THE ATTEMPT TO SAVE HIM BY ENTERING OUR PREMISES.EITHER WAY ITS EFFICACIOUS FOR US. PLUS IF YOU TRY THE SECOND OPTION WE HAVE LEFT A POTION ON THE TABLE TO MAKE YOU WALK AGAIN’.As soon as he finished reading the scribbling his facial expression drastically transformed, his deep and dark wrinkles increased in number that one could spot them from a mile away. His bright blue eyes were replaced with fiery red ones. He decided to venture to their headquarters and sneak his son out as he was not a coward. "Let's do this." He thundered, drink that potion full, packed his equipment and took off.He had to face several hardships but he continued, determined to get his son back, towards the end he was severely injured still he had managed to get to the shabby house where his son was. He burst the door open the man tried to shoot his son but Raleigh took the bullet. He then knocked all of them down and managed to untie his son called the police over.Raleigh and his son shared a few thoughts and after a few minutes Raleigh blinked for the last time. The police arrived with police officer shivansh as the leader. THEY arrested the criminals and delivered them justice .Raleighs son said his final goodbyes and murmured “You're my real Tom Cruise".He then left with and started living in a gorgeous place in Paris. HE IS now a renowned author who has written many thrillers as well animated manga such as Manga



It was a pleasant summer day when I peacefully woke up. My eyes popped out as soon as I realised that I was on the 10th floor of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. My mouth was wide open as the floor was so spacious with commodious seating. Peeking out of the gigantic windows, I saw the cool droplets of monsoon. The weather was enthralling. As I went on the 11th floor, I saw Kylie Jenner cleaning a wardrobe. Out of the blue, she started to scream and I realised that the floor was on fire. My friend Riidhi, who appeared out of nowhere, fainted because of the burning smell. I suddenly remembered that my outfit of the day as well as my cute, little teddy bearwere left in the wardrobe. I ran through the fire to fetch them, reckoning in my worried mind that I shouldn't get burnt. My cheeks were jumping up and down as I was running. Now, the fire had to be extinguished. Inspired by my one of the favourite books, Alice Jones: The Impossible Clue, I felt my strength skills. I picked up Riidhi's phone and called the fire brigade. They arrived there flying on jet planes in no time, as though they knew what was gonna happen, and saved the place. By the time, it was evening already, which means that my birthday was in just two hours on my watch. Ashi and Shizuka sat with me after all that stressful afternoon. Yeyy.. It was finally 10th October. Turning my dream into reality, Shizuka gifted me a puppy and a top with vivid colours. I had a huge smile on my little face. We all danced, while Ashi was doing star jumps for no reason. Enjoying my maggi and lemonade, I suddenly remembered that Riidhi was still unconscious. I asked Ashi to bring her ancient socks. "Here, take it. Do the honours." murmured Ashi. I brought her smelly piece of cloth nere her long vulpine nose. She woke up with a thud and began to laugh. We forcefully made her gulp some bitter gourd to bring her back to her senses. Next day, we all wondered together towards the riverafting area beside an gigantic river and had a gala time.



It all began on a beaming dreadful day of winter when my amiable and prudent friends named Raima and Ridheema who yelled to me “sara pack your things we are going to see Eiffel tower”.
Listening to this I moaned” Alright, it’s my 23rd birthday I can’t hold my horses, let commence with our expedition”.
A moment later, all 3 of us were sitting on the seats of aircraft and out of blue we heard a sound POP POP, everyone eyes popped out, when we stared at the purple eccentric creatures having sharp nose, long blonde hair they were dancing in the plane while my heart was in the mouth.
This made my friends mind clouded with negative thoughts. Since there were only 3 of us in the sky on the plane excluding the pilots and the elves galore. We made up our mind to stick chew gums on elves body so that they get together and we can get rid of this perilous situation.
Soon afterwards, we landed on the ground and were utterly shocked that we are still alive and our plan worked.
In the afternoon we were in Paris, with smiles as wide as train, exiting the weather while doing skating boarding.
It was my 23 bitter sweet birthday.