Charles Whitmore

Charles Whitmore is a lawyer currently working as a full-time researcher in law at Cardiff University’s School of Law and Politics where he provides legal advice to charities. He holds three law degrees: A licence and master’s degree in law from the University of Nantes, France and an LLM in Law from Cardiff University, UK. Fluently bilingual in native English and French, he has taught both as foreign languages at the University level. He has also tutored students individually in both and has experience in teaching mental health and wellbeing courses to children aged 10-13 and young people aged 14-16 through his pro-bono charitable work in Wales, UK.
When asked about collaborating with Shavy’s English Hut, Charles noted: ‘Shavy and I are good friends, we have known each other for many years as we studied at Cardiff University together. It has been an immense honour and pleasure to have been small part of her journey to help her students gain a greater mastery of the English language. I am continually amazed at the creativity she brings to her classroom. I always look forward to being able to contribute further to her student’s education, not least because it is heartening to see how much progress they make in such a short time. A testament to both her skills and passion, as well as her student’s enthusiasm and brightness’.