Mrs. Milica Vukadin

Mrs. Milica Vukadin is an ELS teacher who works on multiple online positions as the Head of Language Studies, BY Mafit, Nigeria, and a teacher trainer in the UK and Slovenia. She has B.Ed. and M.Ed. and has added several feathers to her cap such as being a National Geographic Certified Educator, British Council Teaching English blogger, a published academic researcher, and so on. Most importantly, an applaud worthy achievement by her at this young age is to be one of the board members at ELTA (English Language Teachers’ Association) Serbia. She manages her interesting website, where she designs material for ESL teachers. Her interests are environmental education, storytelling, drama in ESL, and interculturalism.
She says, “I enjoy collaborating with Shavy’s English Hut because I love being a part of a classroom across the world, meeting amazing students, innovative teachers, and learning about their culture in our interactive online sessions. One of the most important things in this collaboration is learning about other cultures through communication, authenticity, exploration, and bringing more interactivity beyond the screen such as using props, puppets, and even relaxing and crafting while listening to music. Developing lesson plans and materials is never easy, and doing it collaboratively is a great challenge, so our learning goes both ways - the students are learning and we are developing as teachers at the same time. Knowing that a group of students on another continent eagerly wait to see you and spend some time with you is a feeling that cannot be described in words.”