Roohi Jain

She is known for her communication skills and for her knack for cajoling every single child in her class. She is associated with Shavy’s English Hut so that she can fulfil her keen desire to train children, promoting them in their language skills. Moreover, she wishes to utilize her knowledge and capabilities to transform personality of her students. She grabbed the opportunity to transform her passion into profession and exhibits her talent of impressing everyone with her words and personality. Instantly, after her training period, she has built an affable relationship with her students which has bridged the gap between the teacher and the young ones.
The reason for her success has been her education from a renowned university of Noida, Amity University, where she also developed an urge of always surrounding herself with inquisitive, imaginative and intellectual people. Due to this, she constantly grooms herself with the help of self-study skills as well as the habit of reading.
She is a model of rectitude for her students who can observe her and imbibe the qualities which otherwise are not attainable. She promises to stay high-spirited and to keep enchanting students with her entertaining style of teaching.