Pulling of the Heist By Dhairya


It all began on the breezy night of Christmas Eve when a gang of three members Jacob, Sam, and Toby commenced a heist. They all gathered outside their secret base and hopped into their vehicles however, seeing Toby’s face you could tell he had butterflies in his stomach as he was the getaway driver. Jacob and Sam zoomed out of their driveway to an underground sewage system while Toby armed and adjusted their getaway vehicle. Jacob and Sam sprinted through the stinky sewage system until they came across a rusty ladder that led to the bank vault, so they climbed it up. Their eyes popped out by seeing the numerous blocks of gold and pilesof cash but, the only problem was that the cops had surrounded the building to hold off the sneaky stealers. The robbers wondered how they knew about their plan before they realized that Toby was blabbering with one of the police officers about getting his 8 million$ reward for betraying the thieves and getting them caught red handed. Well, prison had been difficult for Jacob and Sam; they were being punished in a holding chamber while Toby was throwing the world’s biggest party at his brand-new mansion. It was yard time followed by lunch time for the prisoners, and they got some soup. Sam was disgusted so he sprinkled some salt on the sour soup moreover, Jacob was jotting down jokes to have a jolly time thinking he would get out of there with Sam someday. Suddenly an announcement was made saying there is an escaped prisoner in the perimeter so the first one to find him/her will get a bonus of 100,000$ and that they can use to get a bail from prison, so Jacob and Sam did just what was told on the intercom. When they got out of the prison perimeter, they stole a car and boosted to Toby’s house to murder him and steal his money. Nobody knows where they are or what they are doing…

Pulling of the Heist By Ojus Virk


Long ago when I was visiting my pals, as soon as I reached there, I saw my buddies named Michael, Niko, Roman and Jacob who were exiting the apartment. They encountered me and Roman said,”Ojus take out the bulletproof car, we’re going to pull a Heist.” To my surprise I was numb but didn’t say anything because Roman was not in the mood to discuss. After, when we all sat in the car, I questioned Roman,” What is the Heist about and what is the plan?” Jacob replied,” We heard that the local bank has twenty million dollars’ worth of gold and diamonds.” While Jacob was speaking Roman interrupted and said,” The plan is to first drop me to the parking lot near the bank. After that you guys will wear a mask and go inside the bank. As soon as you enter the bank Niko and Ojus will immediately rush to the vault and on the other hand Michael and Jacob will manage the hostages. When you guys leave the bank at some distance, you’ll see a helicopter with a huge magnet which will pull your car towards the helicopter. Sometime later when the police stop chasing us, we’ll land at a safe place and distribute the money!” Finally, after these long deliberations we reached our destination. Roman got out of the car wished us all the best and said in a creepy voice,” LET THE HIEST BEGIN!!!” We wore our masks and ran inside the bank. Niko and I rushed to the vault while Michael and Jacob looked after the hostages. The heist was pretty easy. When we came out of the building, we saw number of policemen and surprisingly Roman with bunch of people aiming at us, we realized that Roman had tricked us by making an alliance with the police. Suddenly one of our friends who was not involved in the heist named John who is a member of the Lost Bike Club gang came with his friends and gang members came to save us on a helicopter. He shot Roman. We started running towards our car. The helicopter’s magnet pulled us upwards and we escaped. After sometime when the police stopped chasing us, John took us to his underwater base. We realized Roman was a snake and enquired from John about how he got to know about us. He told, “I saw you guys on the news, don’t worry this place is safe.” We were very thankful to him. We distributed the money amongst us and created an alliance. Even the police and the army were scared of this alliance and we lived a rich and happy life after this event.